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Social Media Rundown: Three Palpable Reasons Why Brands Need Them

We are nearing the end of 2018 and we still have people who doubt the power of social media for businesses. In light of this, we want to discuss three palpable reasons why brands need social media.  Social media is not confined to just Facebook. It is a compilation of any app or program which consumers use to share their opinions.

They can be forums or sites like Trip Advisor. Businesses that exist today need to take care of their social media profiles and should keep an eye out for any fake profiles that seek to damage their reputation. So without further ado, here are a few reasons why brands need social media:

Engagement and Loyalty

Social Media presence can be quantified. You can count likes, comments, reactions, and followers. Your social media page is a good barometer of how well you are received by the community you are in or by the people who patronize your business.

Cheap Marketing

Consumers like to share everything on their social media accounts. If you happen to have one, they can tag you in posts and you get instant visibility for their networks. This is exposure that can lead you down more conversions to actual business and patrons.

Social Media is a really affordable way to launch an ad campaign. There are posts, you can upload videos, and you can even go Live. This is exposure that you do not have to pay for. The only thing you may need to pay for is to be pushed by the site itself.

Client Troubleshooting

If there was anything that could prove that social media can help brands better service their clients, it would be Elon Musk and how he utilized Twitter to show everyone how fast a brand can help address an issue.

In a span of a few weeks, he turned a customer complaint into actual action that caught the world unaware. It was a perfect master class on how social media was a perfect way to engage the brand you patronize if you have a complaint or a concern.


Social media is not just some fad that disappeared after a few months after inception. Social media continues to be one of the biggest ways brands reach out to their audiences and actually get measurable responses.

If there was still anyone who doubted why social media is needed by businesses, we hope that the points above have helped to chase away any lingering doubts.

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5 Emerging Branding Trends of 2018

We’re halfway through the year already and yet 2018 still appears to have more than a few surprises left up its sleeves for us.  When it comes to branding, advertising and business growth, everything continues to evolve around us – and not just online.

Being your brand has never been more important – and as we venture into the latter half of the year, it’s important to keep in mind some of the more popular and effective branding trends which are helping to propel start-ups and which are helping to keep big corporate names in the households.

Some people are calling this the ‘golden age’ for marketing – and whether or not this is genuinely the case, here are a few ideas you may wish to monopolise upon, from logo design right through to your extensive marketing strategy.

Intelligent Logos Lead the Way

Not every logo can be a ‘FedEx’ – but many brands are trying to emulate and capture that magic.  For those uninitiated, the ‘FedEx’ logo is particularly intelligent as it hosts hidden images – there’s an arrow point right in the ‘Ex’, and a spoon in the ‘Fed’ – to some, this may be a clever little quirk or a fascinating titbit, but in 2018, smart logos and branding are clearly leading the way.

In a world where we are fascinated by viral content and moments that make us genuinely surprised or intrigued, branding in 2018 has evolved to encourage firms to lead with cleverly-designed motifs and emblems – ones which don’t just catch the eye, but which also make you think, too.

Corporate Promotional Branding is Back

Anyone who assumes physical promotional items to be ‘cheesy’ or outright ‘unnecessary’ aren’t really looking at the bigger picture.  Despite much marketing strategy taking place online these days, there’s still a huge marketplace for physical promotion in the form of tangible gifts and freebies.

Whether it’s notepads, pens or calendars, items that are regularly used by your clients with your branding emblazoned on the top will help to keep your name in mind and in clear recall – you can start by looking at buying personalised lanyards from a company such as Digital ID, for both your own use during networking events and for gift merchandising.

Crisp and Clean

Less has been more for quite some time now, and this is certainly still the case when it comes to branding and marketing material in 2018 and for the foreseeable future.

Overstuffing your brand advertising, your social media and your web presences with jargon and stuffy text is seen as an old-school move – thanks to clean, minimalist brands such as Apple, the common strand now is to lead with simplicity – can you effectively water down your company branding, ethos and message into few words and images – emphasising calls to action for your customers to learn more about you?  If you want to succeed in modern marketing – it’s certainly worth trying.

Lead with Creativity

While finding inspiration from other brands and competitors in your field is going to be a given, more and more consumers – particularly younger people who do considerable research on brands and product lines – are becoming more receptive to creative marketing and branding standards.

This means that it absolutely cannot hurt to think a little bit outside of the box.  Consider taking an almost informal approach – people in 2018 are tired of corporate jargon and the same old spiel – meaning that genuinely surprising design, unique branding, messages and more will be more likely to have a lasting positive effect upon those consumers who have seen all the other spiel all before.  Take inspiration form others, but dare to be different!

Positive Messages

The world is, undeniably, a very scary place in plenty of ways – we’re not going into all the hows and whys in this piece, of course, but it’s important to remember that your branding should be counter-acting that harmful daily gloom and negativity.

Use your brand to offer genuine solutions for your customers – lead with your want to help people, rather than your need to make money.  Start-ups and viral branding have thrived in the past couple of years on the basis that they have adopted positive, grassroots spins on creative products and services – you’re more likely to catch people with a positive, straightforward attitude than with a stuffy, imposing one.  While your market may vary, leading with a clean, positive and straightforward branding and ethos will appeal to the vast majority of consumers active in 2018 – and likely beyond into 2019.








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5 Reasons to Hire a PPC Agency to Manage your Google AdWords Campaigns

Pay per click digital marketing campaigns are frequently neglected or mismanaged by managers as other marketing practices take priority. It is really simple – choose an efficient process by outsourcing your PPC marketing needs to a reliable and experienced digital marketing agency that will dedicate its resources to creating effective, smooth PPC ad campaigns on your behalf. Want to know why we recommend investing in such an agency? Check out the following top reasons.

  1. Time is Saved

Save yourself endless hours of playing around with data and campaigns to teach yourself how to launch an efficient PPC campaign. Agencies in this niche have a high level of expertise and experience and can do it for you. It is possible that your job responsibilities did not initially include Google Adword Wizard but now, somehow, it has become your duty. When you are already burdened with a bunch of marketing obligations to execute, it will become almost impossible to find sufficient time to dedicate to exploring and creating an awesome PPC campaign – especially if it is not your forte and you need to learn it along the way.

Recruiting a digital agency to manage your Google Adwords for you will let you work with them to design such campaigns and let you manage your time a lot more efficiently. Instead, work with your senior management to define your marketing goals and see how you can achieve them via this channel with the help of an agency. Surely you will feel a lot more at ease knowing that experts are taking care of your PPC requirements.

  1. Utilise Multiple Resources

The power of Google Adword Campaigns lies in the collaborative spirit of innovation and idea generation. If you are the only marketing resource at your company, then chances are that you have enough on your plate and will not be able to access other minds to create engaging, innovative campaigns.

An agency will be equipped with multiple individuals working together on one project and lending their unique visions to it. Such teams are fabricated to specialise in handling client accounts of all different shapes and sizes. Hence, your campaign will be in the hands of the very best who will be able to draft up a compelling PPC related solution that will yield you effective results and help you attain your marketing objective.

  1. Hire a Skilled Agency

You want to make sure that the digital marketing agency you hire is not only reliable but credible in its experience and expertise as well. Fortunately, Google has put together a list of trusted agency partners and dubbed it as the Premier Partner Program which includes companies such as Summon Digital who are a London based PPC agency. These are top notch experts in the field of Google Adwords and have to fulfil a stringent list of criteria in order to qualify for a position on it. Performance variables such as client satisfaction, account evaluation and general company performance are factored in before a decision is made. This means that your PPC campaigns will be in great hands if you choose an entity present on this featured list.

Recruiting a team of certified Google Adword individuals will definitely boost your performance and drive home results. They will incorporate best industrial procedures, proven strategies, and latest trends to ensure optimal outcomes. Do be wary of self-proclaimed digital marketing agencies that promise you the world but may not deliver even upon the most basic of expectations.

  1. Achieve Higher Growth Rates

Hiring a dedicated team to manage your PPC campaigns can pave the way to obtaining higher growth rates than you could have managed to do so in house. PPC specialised firms are masters of the digital marketing realm and bring a lot more to the table than you may think: they also tend to be gurus in search engine optimisation strategies, content marketing and web design and development. They can even offer advise on your other marketing practices and tell you how to enhance your results or improve ongoing current strategies. Remember Google Adwords is a complex, multi-dimensional marketing instrument that is impacted by a great number of factors. You could have a low conversion rate but a positive click through rate. A competent agency will analyse your web data and dig into to discover possible causes for this. They will need access to your Google Analytics in order to gain the bigger picture and will be able to identify other areas of improvement in your marketing department and strategy. It could be anything: such as an ineffective call to action button not generating enough conversions.

Of course, it is up to you to decide the scope of services you want to hire an agency for. It can recommend solutions or give your digital marketing strategy an entire overhaul, if need be. Remember this will only improve your campaigns and hence your corporation’s bottom line. In today’s day and age, it is essential (no longer a luxury as perceived seven years ago) to have a strong online presence in order to break through the infinite content clutter created by countless companies and the growing number of internet users today.

  1. Tighten the Money Belt

Yes, it is true that you will probably be signing a retainer and assigning a monthly fee from your marketing budget to the agency in question. However, in the long run, as you do not spend money on testing different keywords and PPC campaign dynamics, you will save money.

A great digital marketing agency will make an effort to change your budget from expenses to a steady revenue stream. They will not only track your conversions for you but monitor and evaluate them as well. If something is not working properly, it will be changed or updated immediately. As you are paying the agency to look after your PPC campaigns, they will commit their time and resource to it and give you effective results. This will, ultimately, free you to focus your energies on creating other independent, reliable revenue source.

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Three Advertising Mistakes You Should Try Your Hardest to Avoid

When ads are what we use to cultivate interest and awareness about our business, it would only make sense to ensure that they are executed flawlessly. The reality of life though, however, is that mistakes happen. What is great about mistakes is that there is a big chance that others have already done these mistakes. So you can learn from their example.

With that said, let’s take a look at three particular advertising mistakes that everyone should try their hardest to avoid.

Not Having a Marketing Plan

Everything must be according to a marketing plan. The same principle applies to having a starting point and a desired destination. If both are not present, no actual journey can be made. Certain types of advertising are made to illicit a particular response from the market. So it is important to understand what elements must be involved.

What is the end goal? What is the present engagement rate of your business?

Knowing the answer to those questions can help plot the plan. When you know what your present numbers are, you can use those to determine if there has been any improvement after the ads are published or circulated.

Not Being About the Client

Yes, it is important that the consumers know that you exist. However, the trouble with a lot of businesses is that their ads are all about them. They focus too much on their latest developments or great new service.

What they lack is the emphasis on what those products or services can do for the clients. Does it save them time? Do they get savings from it? Does it unlock better experiences in the future?

The best sorts of ads out there emphasize the experience that clients have because of the service or the product that is being marketed.

Not Considering the Competition

There is a very small chance that your business or product is wholly unique. Even if it is, there is a big chance that it will not stay that way for long. When you are going to launch an ad campaign, it is important to consider the competition.

What have they done before? How have they responded to past ads? What are they presently doing?

Knowing where your competition is at is a great way to cultivate a superior ad campaign.


When it comes to learning about mistakes, it is best to look both internally and externally. No business has had a perfect streak since inception—that is just mathematically impossible. What we can do is learn from our mistakes and—incidentally—the mistakes that others make as well.

When you have you business, there will be bumps in the road. What wills set you apart is what you do when you hit that bump and what you plan on doing next. That said which of the three mistakes have you done in your business?

info3 - Three Advertising Mistakes You Should Try Your Hardest to Avoid
Infographic by: www.wellingtongrouppr.com
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Popular SEO trends in 2018

Time is flying by and its hard to believe that half of 2018 is over! How are your search engine optimization strategies performing? We hope you are doing well, but if you are considering re-evaluating your initiatives, then this article may just peak your interest.

Just like other digital marketing-related fields, the world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. There are no hard and fast rules provided on how to land the first place on search engine result pages.

If you know any secret, feel free to share! Google is an enigma and keeps changing its algorithm. To be a successful SEO professional, you have to constantly update and educate yourself with the latest trends and SEO patterns. Of course, then you must deploy them within your digital marketing strategy.

So, what has been popular this year? Well, with this in mine we had a chat with Edinburgh’s best SEO agency and here’s what they had to say!


Google’s mission is to provide the most relevant and engaging content to its users. It generates results based on what it gauges to be the user’s search intent. Not only that, the search engine giant strives to enlist only those websites that it deems safe for its users.

The outcome is that Google and other search engines will appraise the degree of relevancy of the content present on your website. It uses programs such as Latent Semantic Indexing to verify the relevance of such content. How does this work? Google studies billions of web pages to understand which words and phrases are related or similar in a certain context.

Through this analysis, Google decides if a content item is suitable to present to a user as part of his web browsing experience. It goes a step further with tools such as RankBrain as it evaluates the highest performing search results based on browser satisfaction success indicators and compares their likeness.

Identify the pages that do the best in your area of operation and see what makes them stand out. Check their content and try to feature something similar on your own digital platform.

Voice Search

The phenomena known as voice enabled search will only continue to gain momentum in the year 2018. It is simply convenient to speak rather than make the effort to spell out specific search terms. With improvements in voice search programs, web users are believing in its ability more than before.

They are learning to trust its results and getting more comfortable with it as well. This allows search queries to be more comprehensive in nature. For your business, the implications are tremendous. You must give your content more consideration than simple keywords. Remember that the spoken term is different than the written or typed one.

So, mould your search engine optimization strategy to account for conversational phrases and words. Tools such as RankTracker can help you research queries that voice users will be more likely to seek. This program could be your new best friend!

Link-free backlinks

If you are wondering what link free backlinks even mean, allow us to explain. Backlinks have been the livelihood of search engine optimisation for countless years. However, Google felt that the linkages of one source to another had been exploited and did not prove the authenticity of a website.

To address this, Google devised the Penguin algorithm in the year 2012. It has become the most popular and relevant source to generate links from well-known, sound digital sources. Sure, links from leading sites will help your website rank better on search engine result pages, yet the newer, smarter robots from Google are gradually decreasing the importance placed on backlinks.

As search engines get smarter, they are able to relate brands, establishments, companies and entities without the need to crawl through their websites. It is going to the linked anchor text that is going to bear some power. So, focus your efforts on developing strong and pertinent anchor text that entices Google to rank your page effectively on its search engine result pages.

Mobile All the Way

Smartphone usage has only increased over the years. The ratio of web browsing from desktops to mobile phones is slowly shifting in favour of the latter. It has become a technological norm to design mobile friendly websites, unlike the earlier added benefit of having one as a budget luxury.

The mobile friendliness of a website has become a top search engine ranking factor. With the launch of new smartphones every season, you will have to consider different ways your SEO can be optimised for voice enabled search as well as the new mobile designs that come out.

You can get Google’s help to learn whether your website is mobile-responsive or not. Go to Website Auditor, under the Content Analysis section, and enter the website address of the website in question. To check page usability, you will have to go down to the technical section and see the results from there.

Personal Search Engine Result Pages

There is a reason that Google’s search engine capability is simply getting smarter: it is gathering information on its user by checking browser history, interests and geographical position to create a customised search outcome list. Your search engine optimisation strategy will have to factor this in and account for it. if your page performs well in search query, not only will it gain stronger rankings, but it will become part of future similar search query results as well.

Before you stress and wonder what to do as your degree of control on this is limited, let us help you out! Coming back to our favorite tool (hint, it was mentioned earlier), RankTracker, to evaluate the accuracy level of your website. RankTracker will check your site’s position in a non-personal manner. Make sure you set your browser  in Incognito/Private mode to gain maximum results.

Webpage Speed

People are impatient and desire speed and convenience at every possible corner in their lives. If your website doesn’t load quickly, the probability of your user leaving is going ot be high. It should be less than 3 seconds ideally. 

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Internet Pathways: Best Ways to Grow Your Presence Online

In the recent years, the power of the internet has grown in leaps and bounds. Who would have thought that it was now completely possible to find out everything you needed to know at one tap of a screen? In the world of business and trade, the internet revolution has also greatly transformed the way consumers are engaged and how information about companies, brands, and products are distributed and spread out. Today, we will take a look at some of our tried and tested methods to grow your presence online.


31 - Internet Pathways: Best Ways to Grow Your Presence Online

This stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your business is relevant to a certain word or phrase for example “marketing” or “social media advertising”, developing content online that uses those words would be how to go about it.

Each day, Google and other search engines run an algorithm in which they see which words are constantly being searched for by users. In order to bring them the best results, they find sites which have an appropriate amount of relevant keywords and put them at the forefront of search results.

Social Media

32 - Internet Pathways: Best Ways to Grow Your Presence Online

This is by far the more popular way that brands have grown their online presence. They engage their audiences through timely posts and replies. They can even utilize their social media pages to get a pulse on what their clients want from the brand itself.

Social media has made it so easy for the everyday consumer to connect and let their feelings be known. In platforms like Facebook, consumers can even leave reviews. Those that know nothing about your brand can build their opinions about you based on those reviews.

Viral videos and posts can make or break a company these days. So it is important to hire only competent people to run and handle your social media pages.


It is worth taking note that trends change all the time. While you can rely on the tips that we’ve given above, it is ultimately best to keep track of any such developments on your own. Slowly build a collection of the sources that you get your information from.

Always remember that when you have a business or a brand, it is critical that you be proactive. When considering the best online routes to take, always think hard about the pros, cons, and the ultimate result. What is best about the net is that you can try certain things out and if you find that they aren’t working, you can cut them off without any significant loss to your brand.

Which ways have you tried in the quest to grow your presence online?

tv acr addressable CONTENT 2018 750x410 - Why TV Advertising Will Never Die Out

Why TV Advertising Will Never Die Out

There have been concerns that TV advertising would eventually become obsolete due to the expansion and evolution of the way people consume their media. However, it is not time just yet to give up on this tried and tested marketing strategy.

The fact is that rather than being a limited advertising option with a limited reach, TV provides advertisers with more opportunities than ever before. Although many people view and consume media content and different ways nowadays – whether it is through streaming services or other on-demand platforms, the majority of people still use their televisions to watch the more conventional terrestrial and digital/satellite channels with advertising.

If you are an advertiser, you may be wondering why you should devote any time or effort to TV advertising. In the following post, we will look at some very good reasons why.

TV Advertising Generates More Profit Than Other Options

When you compare the profits and sales impact of 5 different types of media, as the Ebiquity Payback 4 study did in 2014, it found that TV advertising outperformed other media when it came to achieving sales. Press was considered the next best performer and TV advertising still managed to be twice as effective on average, when considering the equivalent exposure.

Consumers Trust TV Adverts More Than Others

Although this may surprise you, when you think of it, it makes perfect sense. One of the big reasons why people tend to trust TV advertising over other mediums is because we are all aware of the very strict regulations in place that ensure adverts are legal and trustworthy.

Another reason why people tend to trust TV ads more than other ads is because of the emotional connection people in general have with their television. This is something that is usually established during childhood and continues to build and grow as a person grows.

TV Gives Advertisers Unparalleled Reach And Scale

TV gives advertisers the opportunity to build reach and scale much quicker and more effectively than any other medium. On average, a TV commercial could reach around 70+% of the population in a single day, with almost 100% being reached in the space of a month.

Consumers Spend More Time With Television

Of the time that people choose to spend with media, it is believed that TV makes up around 48%. With radio coming in at a close second at 2.2% and social media at 6.2%. This is significant and important to note as, generally speaking, the time people make a point of spending with a particular medium or device, shows its popularity and vitality.

TV is Spoken About More Than Other Mediums Both Online and Offline

TV Nation conducted a study that showed advertisements on television were the ads that were more likely to incite conversation. A key component to creating a buzz about a brand and encouraging conversations about it is paid media. Think Box found in their own study that TV advertising in particular generated the most word of mouth for companies and brands.

Online and TV Work And Co-Exist Together Well

Another reason why TV is so effective could be the fact that it has a multiplier effect on alternative media, especially online. Online and television have always shared a strong relationship, and this shows no signs of decreasing.

Furthermore, there is actually evidence to suggest companies and organisations that incorporate both online and television advertising into their marketing campaigns are two times more effective and efficient as the campaigns that rely on other advertising mediums.

Multi-screening Helps TV Advertising

Contrary to popular belief, multi-screening does not actually stop viewers from taking television ads in. There has been evidence to suggest that quite the opposite is the case. Whereas in the past, they may have left the room to get a drink or something else, people who use multiple screens at once are actually more likely to stay in the room when television ads are airing. One of the reasons of this could be the fact that when they are using another device, it stops them from switching channels on the remove control.

TV Is Available Everywhere

Following on from the point that television provides the largest reach and scale, it is worth noting that television is now available virtually anywhere. People can watch television from their front room in front of their traditional television box or on the train while going to or coming back from school or work on their smartphone using this guide for watching cbc anywhere, and a whole host of other ways too. Because of this, it means that television is permeating into areas of day to day life it never did in the past, making it an excellent choice for advertisers. It is actually harder to escape from television advertising than you may think.

Famous and Emotive Advertising Campaigns Are The Ones That Generate The Biggest Effects On Business

According to the IPA, when considering the success metrics of profit and sales, advertising campaigns that are famous and emotional, are far more likely to achieve sales and profit than the more informative and rational approach to advertising. Which is why you should never dismiss television advertising. TV ads, even in our modern world, drum up fame for a brand – whether its through shock tactics or because of a statement made in a piece. think of some of the most effective and popular advertisements. they normally involve a storyline or something that appeals to the viewers and elicit an emotional response of some kind.

People also tend to remember adverts just as much as they remember shows and programmes if they are emotive.

This helps to make them more memorable than other, less penetrative forms of advertising.

Although you may have heard the horror stories, from an advertisers point of view, that television advertising is on its last legs, the above proves otherwise. There are some great reasons to believe that television advertising will never die out and will continue to be the main advertising channel for brands for a long time into the future.


featured7 750x410 - Logo Magic: Why Having an Established Logo Is Important For Ads

Logo Magic: Why Having an Established Logo Is Important For Ads

First impressions are important. When it is about a business first impressions are often critical. It is established that the very first impression that consumers will make will be based on your logo. So today, let’s take a look at why having an established logo will be important for your future ads.


Your logo is what will represent your business. If you think toward social media, you see white lower case f within a blue box, you immediately see Facebook. The same applies for the other social media brands out there.

Logos do not just apply to social media brands. They count for any brand that exists. Having a brand is important as it helps consumers remember you. Logos are integral for ad campaigns as they are often the first and final thing that a consumer will recall.

It is not the face of the CEO, it is not the name of the people who worked the ad; it’s not even the building where your business resides that they will instantly recall. It will be your logo.

How Do You Get Good Logos?

Research and Development

First and foremost, it starts with a vision. It is the vision of the person who has held the idea for the business. You take that vision and put it down. You need to consider what the business is. It would not make sense to have a logo that is disjointed or does not seem all that connected to what you are all about.

Conceptual Artist

While it would be lovely to go with a logo that you came up with yourself, it will not do to have a logo that looks like someone’s three-year-old put together. The best logos are put together by conceptual artists and graphic artists.

There is a reason why they are worth their talent fee. They keep up with the trends, colors, and styles that will make your logos stand out and be recognized. Do not be like a majority of the startups that approach graphic artists and expect to pay next to nothing.

Conceptual artists will study your business until they come up with a decent proposal on what sort of logo your business needs.


Logos are the face that you show the world. It is something that does not need to be complicated in order to make an impact and endure in the mind of those whose attention (and money) that you need. Quality logos can serve you well through the years.

If you don’t believe us, you can look toward the likes of Pepsi or Under Armor. Their logos do not just involve their name; they come with an image that people immediately associate with the brand. This is why logos are critical for ad marketing and marketing campaigns.

featured6 750x410 - Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

Advertising has always been one of the best ways to secure the interest of the market at large. Ads are usually the culmination of a marketing analysis. Ads, after all, cost money. So it is important that your ads are able to reach a lot of people at a budget friendly way.

When you have a business, an event, or even a brand that you have to take care of it is important to advertise. Advertising itself has changed through the years and it is important to be aware of which ones no longer hold their sway. Today, we take a look at three particular advertising routes that people no longer utilize or do.

Mail Advertising

21 - Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

This does not actually have anything to do with email or electronic messaging. This is one of the older forms of advertising that died out in the nineties.

This usually refers to going through a particular target area—usually suburban—and listing the addresses of the homes there. After a sufficient number of addresses have been collected, it would be time to send out actual mail. The reason why this died it is it cost a significant amount of money to send out a massive amount of mail which had very little guaranteed returns.

Eventually, people moved onto a digital form of sending out mail—which was cheaper—so the mail advertising route kind of tapered to a stop.


22 - Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

Marketing by calling people is one of the most ineffective and annoying methods that companies do in terms of advertising. Contact centers which are usually found in Asia have hundreds of individuals who are dedicated to outgoing calls. Those calls often connect to homes and try to directly market their ongoing deals or even their base product.

This was good when there was no such thing as call blocking. However, as telephones themselves advanced and offered better privacy options for their owners, telemarketing no longer became a viable option for advertising. It also didn’t help that there were scams out there that were perpetuated through telemarketing routes.


When you are thinking of building and launching your own advertising campaign, it is important that you think over your options very carefully. You need to think about what your budget is and what method would be best to reach your target audience. There are so many different options to pursue so it is critical that the options be explored.

Always remember that works well for others may not work well for your brand. It is best to match your brand with the advertising platform that you need.

The Most Creative Billboards from Around the World

As human beings, we have natural instincts to seek enlightenment across diverse planes. We yearn for a higher form of spiritual stimulation that can only be fulfilled by subjective dimensions: such as the richness of art, the purity of religion and the complexity of war.

Our brains have been designed by a divine hand that instilled a constant need for learning and growth. Mankind has been experimenting with art since the time he inhabited caves. If only those cavern walls could talk, think of the stories they would tell!

Were those paintings used for artistic purposes only? Was it to communicate rules and regulations of the time? We will never know. What we do know is that the ancient Egyptian civilization was an advanced society and its central government carved visuals into stones to share regional laws. In a way, it is the oldest known form of billboard advertising.

Contemporary billboard marketing, as known today, can be attributed to an invention known as lithography. Invented in the late 1790s, mass production of business announcements and posters became feasible.

However, the quality of the paper back did not withstand the force of natural elements when left out too long. Commercial ventures such as circuits (used in 1835) pioneered in employing outdoor advertising as a marketing tactic and benefited tremendously. Of course, there were severe restrictions given that only small copy could be created and printed.

An industry began to form and litigation was introduced to limit the number of billboards on the roads to not spoil the pristine beauty of the countryside. Innovations began to occur in terms of the size of the billboards, quality of material used, and general enhancements driven by technological improvements.

The growth of the lighting sector contributed to the visibility of billboard-particularly at night. Despite the arrival of other marketing communication channels, the outdoor billboard industry has thrived and adapted to modern times with companies such as www.billboardadvertising.org.uk leading the way. Creativity and imagination have driven marketers to achieve new heights of success in this field. This article will explore some of the most creative billboards that have been put up around the globe.

  1. Tylenol- Toronto, Canada

The message behind this campaign was to clearly convey that Tylenol can alleviate your headache pain and let you “get back to normal”. The clever utilization of the wrecking ball highlights the magnitude of the actor’s pain and identifies Tylenol as a clear cut solution.

1 - The Most Creative Billboards from Around the World

  1. BMW & Audi – Los Angeles, USA

These two vehicle giants indulged in an outdoor advertising war. To deduce the winner, the car companies took their rivalry to the realm of social media to discover their consumers’ viewpoints and opinion. It was a bold yet effective marketing tool that went viral and got the respective target markets talking about the brand.

  1. Nationwide Insurance – USA

Did you think this is a campaign for a brand of paint? That’s right, it is not! Don’t worry, we thought the same as you! This billboard was put up as part of Nationwide Insurance’s “Life comes at you fast” marketing drive and is an incredibly effective communicative visual. An illusion is created that the paint has flowed off the billboard and spilt over the parking lot, the side of the building as well as a couple of cars. Awesome, isn’t it?

2 - The Most Creative Billboards from Around the World

  1. The Economist – United Kingdom

As the image may have helped you guess, this billboard was designed with sensors. This outdoor advertising wonder showcased a lit up bulb as an individual would walk underneath it. The implication is that if you read the Economist, you will generate effectual concepts and ideas.

3 - The Most Creative Billboards from Around the World

  1. British Airways – Piccadilly Circus, London

This digital advertisement demonstrates a young boy’s excitement as a British Airways plane flies over the billboard. He stands up, points towards the plane and walks across the screen as the plane crosses the skies. The flight details are provided along with a promotional slogan from British Airways.

  1. Oldtimer- Austria

Whilst brand managers strive to maintain a level of safety when creating billboards, especially at high peak traffic sites, some vehicles do tend to still miss their messages. Oldtimer found a solution to this problem by ensuring that its billboard was noticeable whilst remaining driver-friendly. Placed above a tunnel, cars literally have to drive right through this passageway along the route. We are pretty sure not many missed it!

5 - The Most Creative Billboards from Around the World

  1. Panasonic – Indone

Humor is always a successful element to feature in marketing campaigns. Panasonic employed it beautifully with the above billboard showcasing its nose hair trimmer. The cables are used to show why the man in the ad urgently requires a nose hair trimmer. It simultaneously injects a comical value in the advertisement and will definitely catch pedestrians’ and drivers’ attention. After all, as humans we crave laughter.

6 - The Most Creative Billboards from Around the World

  1. Apolsophy – United Kingdom

The use of technology has taken human creativity to a whole new level. Apolsophy invented a digital billboard to promote the launch of its new line of hair products and placed it at a subway. It illustrated a stationary female that could track whenever a train was coming in. Once the train reaches the station, the girl’s hair begins to blow wildly to reinforce the tagline: “Make your hair come alive”.

  1. UTEC – Peru

Lima is the second largest city in the world that is part of a desert. There is a serious dearth of drinkable water here and families suffer a lot. This billboard was part of an engineering feat from UTEC that stayed true to its promise “to continue changing the world through engineering”. It collaborated with an advertising agency to place this billboard that produced drinkable water from the water vapor present in the atmosphere in Lima. Hundreds of families gained direct access to clean, pure water via these billboards over the next three months. A total of nine thousand, four hundred and fifty litres of drinking water was created in this time period. It is truly mind-blowing what technology can accomplish when in the right hands.