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Logo Magic: Why Having an Established Logo Is Important For Ads

First impressions are important. When it is about a business first impressions are often critical. It is established that the very first impression that consumers will make will be based on your logo. So today, let’s take a look at why having an established logo will be important for your future ads.


Your logo is what will represent your business. If you think toward social media, you see white lower case f within a blue box, you immediately see Facebook. The same applies for the other social media brands out there.

Logos do not just apply to social media brands. They count for any brand that exists. Having a brand is important as it helps consumers remember you. Logos are integral for ad campaigns as they are often the first and final thing that a consumer will recall.

It is not the face of the CEO, it is not the name of the people who worked the ad; it’s not even the building where your business resides that they will instantly recall. It will be your logo.

How Do You Get Good Logos?

Research and Development

First and foremost, it starts with a vision. It is the vision of the person who has held the idea for the business. You take that vision and put it down. You need to consider what the business is. It would not make sense to have a logo that is disjointed or does not seem all that connected to what you are all about.

Conceptual Artist

While it would be lovely to go with a logo that you came up with yourself, it will not do to have a logo that looks like someone’s three-year-old put together. The best logos are put together by conceptual artists and graphic artists.

There is a reason why they are worth their talent fee. They keep up with the trends, colors, and styles that will make your logos stand out and be recognized. Do not be like a majority of the startups that approach graphic artists and expect to pay next to nothing.

Conceptual artists will study your business until they come up with a decent proposal on what sort of logo your business needs.


Logos are the face that you show the world. It is something that does not need to be complicated in order to make an impact and endure in the mind of those whose attention (and money) that you need. Quality logos can serve you well through the years.

If you don’t believe us, you can look toward the likes of Pepsi or Under Armor. Their logos do not just involve their name; they come with an image that people immediately associate with the brand. This is why logos are critical for ad marketing and marketing campaigns.

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