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Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

Advertising has always been one of the best ways to secure the interest of the market at large. Ads are usually the culmination of a marketing analysis. Ads, after all, cost money. So it is important that your ads are able to reach a lot of people at a budget friendly way.

When you have a business, an event, or even a brand that you have to take care of it is important to advertise. Advertising itself has changed through the years and it is important to be aware of which ones no longer hold their sway. Today, we take a look at three particular advertising routes that people no longer utilize or do.

Mail Advertising

21 - Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

This does not actually have anything to do with email or electronic messaging. This is one of the older forms of advertising that died out in the nineties.

This usually refers to going through a particular target area—usually suburban—and listing the addresses of the homes there. After a sufficient number of addresses have been collected, it would be time to send out actual mail. The reason why this died it is it cost a significant amount of money to send out a massive amount of mail which had very little guaranteed returns.

Eventually, people moved onto a digital form of sending out mail—which was cheaper—so the mail advertising route kind of tapered to a stop.


22 - Looking Back: Three Advertising Routes That Are Now Ineffective

Marketing by calling people is one of the most ineffective and annoying methods that companies do in terms of advertising. Contact centers which are usually found in Asia have hundreds of individuals who are dedicated to outgoing calls. Those calls often connect to homes and try to directly market their ongoing deals or even their base product.

This was good when there was no such thing as call blocking. However, as telephones themselves advanced and offered better privacy options for their owners, telemarketing no longer became a viable option for advertising. It also didn’t help that there were scams out there that were perpetuated through telemarketing routes.


When you are thinking of building and launching your own advertising campaign, it is important that you think over your options very carefully. You need to think about what your budget is and what method would be best to reach your target audience. There are so many different options to pursue so it is critical that the options be explored.

Always remember that works well for others may not work well for your brand. It is best to match your brand with the advertising platform that you need.

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