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5 Emerging Branding Trends of 2018

We’re halfway through the year already and yet 2018 still appears to have more than a few surprises left up its sleeves for us.  When it comes to branding, advertising and business growth, everything continues to evolve around us – and not just online.

Being your brand has never been more important – and as we venture into the latter half of the year, it’s important to keep in mind some of the more popular and effective branding trends which are helping to propel start-ups and which are helping to keep big corporate names in the households.

Some people are calling this the ‘golden age’ for marketing – and whether or not this is genuinely the case, here are a few ideas you may wish to monopolise upon, from logo design right through to your extensive marketing strategy.

Intelligent Logos Lead the Way

Not every logo can be a ‘FedEx’ – but many brands are trying to emulate and capture that magic.  For those uninitiated, the ‘FedEx’ logo is particularly intelligent as it hosts hidden images – there’s an arrow point right in the ‘Ex’, and a spoon in the ‘Fed’ – to some, this may be a clever little quirk or a fascinating titbit, but in 2018, smart logos and branding are clearly leading the way.

In a world where we are fascinated by viral content and moments that make us genuinely surprised or intrigued, branding in 2018 has evolved to encourage firms to lead with cleverly-designed motifs and emblems – ones which don’t just catch the eye, but which also make you think, too.

Corporate Promotional Branding is Back

Anyone who assumes physical promotional items to be ‘cheesy’ or outright ‘unnecessary’ aren’t really looking at the bigger picture.  Despite much marketing strategy taking place online these days, there’s still a huge marketplace for physical promotion in the form of tangible gifts and freebies.

Whether it’s notepads, pens or calendars, items that are regularly used by your clients with your branding emblazoned on the top will help to keep your name in mind and in clear recall – you can start by looking at buying personalised lanyards from a company such as Digital ID, for both your own use during networking events and for gift merchandising.

Crisp and Clean

Less has been more for quite some time now, and this is certainly still the case when it comes to branding and marketing material in 2018 and for the foreseeable future.

Overstuffing your brand advertising, your social media and your web presences with jargon and stuffy text is seen as an old-school move – thanks to clean, minimalist brands such as Apple, the common strand now is to lead with simplicity – can you effectively water down your company branding, ethos and message into few words and images – emphasising calls to action for your customers to learn more about you?  If you want to succeed in modern marketing – it’s certainly worth trying.

Lead with Creativity

While finding inspiration from other brands and competitors in your field is going to be a given, more and more consumers – particularly younger people who do considerable research on brands and product lines – are becoming more receptive to creative marketing and branding standards.

This means that it absolutely cannot hurt to think a little bit outside of the box.  Consider taking an almost informal approach – people in 2018 are tired of corporate jargon and the same old spiel – meaning that genuinely surprising design, unique branding, messages and more will be more likely to have a lasting positive effect upon those consumers who have seen all the other spiel all before.  Take inspiration form others, but dare to be different!

Positive Messages

The world is, undeniably, a very scary place in plenty of ways – we’re not going into all the hows and whys in this piece, of course, but it’s important to remember that your branding should be counter-acting that harmful daily gloom and negativity.

Use your brand to offer genuine solutions for your customers – lead with your want to help people, rather than your need to make money.  Start-ups and viral branding have thrived in the past couple of years on the basis that they have adopted positive, grassroots spins on creative products and services – you’re more likely to catch people with a positive, straightforward attitude than with a stuffy, imposing one.  While your market may vary, leading with a clean, positive and straightforward branding and ethos will appeal to the vast majority of consumers active in 2018 – and likely beyond into 2019.








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