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6 Awesome SEO Tips to Help You Improve Your Organic Traffic

It is rather unfortunate but there are a lot of misconceptions out there with regards to search engine optimisation. Every other person seems to believe or consider that he or she is an SEO guru. And while, we do not doubt each individual’s ability to master the unknown world of search engine optimisation – the raw truth is that SEO is a complicated, intricate art that is difficult yet almost impossible to master. Now, I hate saying this, but do not trust each and every little word you read on the worldwide web. My recommendation? Try out the tips and tricks for yourself before you place some trust in its credibility.

Now, whether you are a small business owner, a medium sized enterprise or a large multinational corporation, the following actionable search engine optimisation tips are going to not only prove fruitful but will hopefully increase the flow of incoming organic traffic to your website.

We got some tips from RFK Solutions who offer trusted SEO services in Scotland Ready to get started? Here we go.

1. Community Invasions

This is one of the most effective search engine optimisation techniques that will improve incoming traffic and your link building strategies. Of course, do keep in mind that this tactic may perform better in some industries and not do so well in other niche markets. However, regardless, you will be able to gain from this trick in some way or the other.

What does a community invasion constitute? Simple.

Find your people. Find your target market online and check out which communities they are part off. You can also reach out to those people who will be able to get the message across to your audience group. Get them to promote your brand or portfolio of services in a positive manner.

2. Become Part of Google’s Featured Snippet boxes

You must have seen the rich snippet text box that Google displays when you type in a question in its search bar. How would you like your own content or article to become the featured snippet? Would be awesome now wouldn’t it?

Studies found that those websites that became part of Google’s rich answer box experienced an inflow of traffic increase by one hundred and fourteen percent! That is absolutely crazy! How can you get yourself featured?

• Put your target keyword in at least one of the HTML headers in your content
• Links won’t bring you on that box unless you are already ranking on Google’s first search engine result page
• You can even add subheadings as Step 1, step 2 and so on as Google picks that up.
• Use action verbs to write your content as Begin with or Start as that’s what google picks up

3. Monitor your links

How helpful this particular search engine optimisation tactic will be is going to depend on the nature of your enterprise. If you own a powerful brand, then you don’t need to spend too much effort in bringing in thousands of new links. Here’s what you can do if you’re a smaller fish in the sea:

a. Track all mentions of your brand
You should know each and every single time your brand is being mentioned. There are plenty of software’s that will allow you to do this- such as BuzzSumo.

b. Put up daily email notifications
You can set up your monitoring software to email you every time your brand is mentioned or choose whether you get a daily or weekly report.

4. Promote Content Effectually

It is an openly known fact that the majority of a website’s incoming organic traffic is generated due to a small bit of its content. I am sure you will have a plethora of content that is just waiting to be promoted properly. Here’s how you do it:

a. Find the underperformers
Launch Google Search console and go to the Search analytics section. What you do now is to check the tick box at the top area to see “Clicks”, “Impressions” and “Position”. Once you do this, it will impart data on all your keywords that are getting the most traffic in, the highest number of impressions in the search engine result pages and their ranking average position.

b. Boost up your internal linking
Now you will want to know which of your web pages can get more internal links to the underperforming pages through the help of keyword generated anchor text. When you have identified those pages, just add links to it. Then, track their results and see if there is a difference.

5. What is your buyer asking?

You have must defined your ideal buyer persona to understand your target market better. Find out what he is asking, what are his concerns and what he needs.

a. Finding the questions
Places like Quora are a great area to get started on understanding and identifying what kind of questions your buyer persona is asking. Another social question platform you could tap into is called Answer the Public.

b. Use keywords in those questions
For every one of the questions you identify, plug in a keyword so you can bring in traffic to your site. Just open up the Google Keyword Planner and insert those questions in to see which keywords spring up. There will be suggestions given as well in case your thought of keywords do not generate much search volume.

c. Answer the question
Now that you know your question and your target keyword, all that is left to do is to answer it. Get your creative juices flowing and make sure to use your target keyword in the title of your content header.

6. Recycle Old Content

Feel free to reuse your old content and publish it on your different networks. A great trick is to reformat it. You can make it into an infographic, an email or a social media post. There are a million ways to re-use older content and see if it will perform better than its original publishing date. We do this all the time! It’s pretty effective, no matter what the size of your company or business is.

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