About The AWSC

a1 - About The AWSC

The world of marketing can seem like such a maze if you are not careful. Trends change every time. So it would be important to either notice these changes or be ahead of the curve. When you have a business or a brand that you are taking care of, marketing is one of the core factors that will determine your success.

Not everyone is fully aware of this and we aim to change that.

Welcome to the AWSC. We are a resource blog that is wholly dedicated to the topics of marketing, advertising, social media, and brand management. Behind this very site are about a dozen people with varying professional experience in the field of marketing and advertising.

Under the leadership of Jay Ellis, we have all come together to build this resource. We will be utilizing our personal and professional experiences to build useful guides and thoughtful discussions that we think would be highly valuable for anyone who is aiming to navigate the often tumultuous waters of the marketing seas.

If there is anything in particular that you would like for us to discuss, please let us know. You may reach us through 079-6843-2077. Our people are on standby to hear from you.