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Using Social Media Effectively: Key Factors Managers Need to Know

Social Media took the world by storm. In the blink of an eye, everyone was online—creating their own profiles and staying in touch. It wasn’t long before businesses and brands got into the action as well. In order to properly utilize social media and maximize its effects for your company, it is important that those that handle your brand’s social media account are aware of some key factors.

This is what we will be looking into today.

Key Factors

Social Media is the preferred method of contact by a majority of consumers. Before leaving their homes, they go on their social media accounts to scour for information. They make their decisions based on the experiences that they obtain from the social media accounts of the brands or business that they are looking into.

So if your brand or business has a social media account, make sure that your social media manager knows that the page itself will be judged by its:

Sufficient Information

1 - Using Social Media Effectively: Key Factors Managers Need to Know

Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram have sections wherein brands can fill in as much information as needed. Consumers always look at three particular things: location, operating hours, and date of last post.

They use these things to determine if a business or brand is worth patronizing. So it is critical that your social media pages have sufficient information for your consumers to process.

Speed of Response

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Consumers tend to message social media pages of brands and businesses when they have queries. No one wants to wait—especially online. The speed of the response of the page handler or social media manager will determine 45% of the opinion that will be formed about your brand.

Quality of Response/Content

3 - Using Social Media Effectively: Key Factors Managers Need to Know

No one wants canned responses to their questions. At the same time, no one wants personalized but wholly incorrect information. The ones who handle your social media pages must have a mix of a brand approved response but tailored to meet the needs of the client.

The content refers to the typical posts shared on the page itself. No one wants to see generic posts. Consumers care about the latest news, deals, and promotions. It is important that the social media managers put up timely content and be prepared to address any comments on those posts.


The social media managers are at the very forefront of consumer engagement. All it takes is one snarky or incorrect response and it can sour the opinion of a consumer toward your business and your brand. On the flip side, when you meet the key factors above, you can be sure that the reward will be continued and more loyal patronage.

Which key factors does your business’s social media manager utilize the most?

featured2 750x410 - 2017 Roundup: What Was the Most Popular Way to Reach Clients?

2017 Roundup: What Was the Most Popular Way to Reach Clients?

It is the first day of 2018 and this is usually the day where we all should take a long good look behind us. That is, after all, how you get some pretty good ideas of what to carry over and what to leave behind. So in the world of business or organizations that make a difference, it is important to be aware of the best ways in which the clients or members can be reached.

There have been a variety of methods that have been seen through the years—some of them have managed to stay relevant. Today, we take a look at which methods were the most used ones in 2017.

Social Media

The advent of social media completely changed the way that business, organizations, celebrities, and brands were able to connect with, engage, and reach out to their clients and audiences. There is nothing like the speed in which information could be disbursed through social media.

Electronic Newsletters

Simple yet effective! Electronic newsletters are still one of the best ways that businesses were able to directly reach out already interested parties. Electronic newsletters usually pass through emails which are still being used quite widely.

Direct Marketing

This is one of the oldest forms of reaching out to clients, yes. However, this is usually one of the strongest ways in which consumer engagement and awareness can be raised. Most viral videos are the result of a direct marketing campaign.


The ways in which to reach clients will always continue to evolve. This is why it is important to keep a sharp eye out on the horizon and take careful note of any trends that made a splash and immediately died versus those that continue to be reliable. If a business or an organization is to survive, they need to be able to determine which methods are best and carry them over to the New Year.

What popular way of reaching clients are you going to carry over?

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Two Reasons Why Marketing Is Critical For a Business

Having a business is one dream that many of us share. Being your own boss, dictating your work hours, and actually doing something that you like always sound ideal. This is why you need to work hard at sustaining it.

It is a simple matter of fact that if you want a business to survive, people need to patronize it. A lot of people often think that it is the service or the product that you need to prioritize—that’s true enough. However, no matter how amazing your product or your service is, it will not get anywhere if not one person knows you exist.

How do you get people to know you exist?

The Magic of Marketing

It is through marketing that businesses are able to take their business further. To place emphasis on this, here are two particular reasons why marketing is critical for a business:

Advancing Consumer Awareness

Marketing at its very core is about finding out better ways on how to secure consumer engagement. It is through carefully crafted marketing campaigns that businesses secure patrons. After all, catching the attention and interest of those who will give you business is what will keep you in business.

Knowing the Target Market

In order to further refine a business’s product or service, they need to hear from their clients. Feedback collection and analysis is actually part of marketing—a rather large part. After you have secured the attention of certain patrons, it is through their feedback that you get to understand the status of your present processes.

Is it too slow? Can something be changed? What is the biggest source of money loss? These and many more are determined through market analysis.


Marketing is one of the basic things that any business should cultivate. An internal team is great—however, the reality of the situation is that not everyone may have an understanding of what should go into marketing and how to utilize it fully. So in case your business has no internal source of marketing, do not hesitate to look outside.

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