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The Best Gambling Advertisements of All Time

Gambling is an addictive art that been around for eons. The advent of information technology and communication has revolutionized global business operations, created new benchmarks for marketing and has transformed countless industrial structures.

The gambling landscape is no stranger to this and has evolved with the times. Betting entities have dedicated more than half a billion pounds on television adverts since the year 2012 and the numbers are only increasing ever since then. In 2015, companies spent over one hundred and eighteen million pounds on procuring television spots in comparison to eighty-one million pounds approximately in 2012.

It is a lucrative industry that has attracted more than a hundred thousand employees in the British region. With more than a forty-six percent increment in spending (2012-2015), the betting industry has accelerated its marketing efforts as the degree of competition has risen.

Let us not forget that gambling existed before even the oldest advertisement can be recalled. In today’s day and age, regulation and societal acceptance has led to an explosion of casinos and betting companies. The digital realm has been invaded by countless gambling service providers where each one is hungrier and aiming to gain a bigger slice of the profit pie. To distinguish themselves, they seek innovative ways to build an emotional connect with their clients.

A gaming advert is any form of promotional communication that offers an individual the chance to win money from lottery agencies, casinos or such.  Making humorous, engaging television advertisements is definitely an effective strategy to appeal to fresh or existing players as all they have to do is to turn on their computers and play.

Apart from television, gaming companies such as Easyslots who provide UK slots online run a fully integrated marketing campaign that utilizes all channels of communication. Not only that, some of them employ some crazy stunts to gain publicity. Would you like to know some of the top gambling advertisements of all time? Read on!

Paddy Power

Once a small betting shop business based in Ireland, it launched aggressive, bold marketing campaigns to make its mark in the betting arena. In 1988, forty Irish shops converged to become a single betting entity under the name “Paddy Power”. It began to immediately reposition itself and open new branches at highly visible points. Sometimes success is all about timing: and Paddy Power definitely got it right as it established itself as a leading player at a turning point in the industry’s dynamics. It injected a chunk of capital in its online expansion as well and utilized controversial, non-conventional promotional efforts that proved to be extremely effectual.

Tweeting over Medinah Country Club Skies

When the Ryder Cup was taking place in 2012, Paddy Power took to the clouds and penned a “special sky tweet” backing the European team. Social media fans were engaged by being encouraged to tweet and share messages in support of the domestic team. Their words were written across the skies above the Medinah Country club by a fleet of planes.

Behaving Boldly

Another crazy stunt that Paddy Power pulled was at the 2014 Brit Awards. Here, two Daft Punk lookalikes were allowed onto the red carpet by security and shed their trousers to unveil Paddy Power underwear.

More Pants

Niklas Bendter created chaos when he revealed the band of his “lucky” Paddy Power underpants after shooting a brace of headers in Denmark’s group B match against Portugal in the European Championships. Of course, a fine had to be paid but was worth it as it placed Paddy Power as an international, leading gaming brand.


As a huge player on the market, Ladbrokes strive to captivate and preserve the attention of their users by constantly inventing fresh gaming solutions. Their television advert that starred Chris Kamara and Tiziano Crudeli was successful in ameliorating their subscription numbers. The ad commenced with Kamara, a football player, at the gym and discussing the importance of Hydraplus (another product). All of a sudden, a ball hits him and knocks him off the bench. In runs Crudeli, an Italian football fan, shouting that Bet In-Play is available at Ladbrokes. With the combination of their chemistry, energy and fun accents, the commercial turned out to be prosperous,

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is a renowned name in the world of gambling and is powered by sundry software tools that provide a diverse pool of betting products. Their brand message is “Your game, your rules” in a television advert highlighted the benefits of online gambling in a fun, engaging way. Eat your favorite cookies at the roulette table, play blackjack in the comfort of your pyjamas, and avoid listening to unwelcome comments from neighbouring players. With the alluring sound of playing chips and shuffling cards, it will encourage potentials to log in online as soon as possible.

Bet365 Casino Ad

Bet365 Casino is an all-encompassing gaming company that sells sports betting, poker and bingo games across different mediums such as in real time, mobile and live. It’s 2013 advertisement highlighted all its business model: a digital casino where you can soar freely and select any game of your desire. With state of the art technology, it revealed itself to be a user-friendly platform that was easy to navigate.

Party Casino

There is always a party at Party Casino-another major operator in the betting market. Its broad portfolio of gaming products includes live dealer casino games, bonuses, promotions and mobile friendly services. Here, the advert shows a virtual city with blackjack tables and roulette games that issue electronic cards. Through these mediums, customers can make bets or spin the reel. A bouncy song plays in the background as chips rain down upon the winners. Ultimately, this ad demonstrates the level of customer support and high quality of games you will have access to once you reach jackpot games.

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