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Does Snark Win the Day? Looking Closely at Wendy’s Engagement Approach

When client engagement is everything, the normal tactic is to be as congenial and helpful as possible. One brand, however, went the completely opposite route and still won the hearts of their audience. Of course, we’re talking about Wendy’s.

It was around the start of 2017 that the well-known burger brand started to show a bit of sass in their social media page. Instead of taking the usual route of answering with politeness, they started to answer their clients in the way that teenagers would address their close friends. It was something that completely uncharacteristic of most large food brands and it was something that social media savvy consumers liked almost instantly.

When the order of the day used to be always treating your clients with utmost respect turned into witty and sassy comebacks, does this mean that every brand should follow Wendy’s lead? From a professional view, the answer would have to be no. While they managed to seem like someone that clients could poke fun at and with, other services like medicinal entities can hardly afford to do so.

Our Take

Wendy’s came up with something that clearly stood well apart from the normal approach that most, if not all, social media managers took. While being respectful and congenial was the normal order of the day, Wendy’s and their snarky responses provided a wholly fresh and unique approach.

While it worked well for them, this does not mean that this would work well for others. After all, following in the direct example of Wendy’s can lead to people saying that you’re merely copying someone else’s shtick.

Also, while their tweets and responses are rather snarky and ‘funny’, they still take the time to address legitimate complaints with a professional tone through private messages. So they keep sassy responses when they are directly addressed with posts that are just asking a joke waiting to happen.


If there was anything that should be learned from this unexpected popularity, being different can often be quite rewarding. However, usually never is advisable to be rude, sarcastic, or even insulting toward a client. With social media being the battleground where engagement occurs, there will always be people that will have negative to say.

It will be the job of the social media manager to utilize that moment to both clear up misconceptions and address a need or to leave things on a sour note. What would your take be on Wendy’s and their sarcastic take on social media?

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