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Popular SEO trends in 2018

Time is flying by and its hard to believe that half of 2018 is over! How are your search engine optimization strategies performing? We hope you are doing well, but if you are considering re-evaluating your initiatives, then this article may just peak your interest.

Just like other digital marketing-related fields, the world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. There are no hard and fast rules provided on how to land the first place on search engine result pages.

If you know any secret, feel free to share! Google is an enigma and keeps changing its algorithm. To be a successful SEO professional, you have to constantly update and educate yourself with the latest trends and SEO patterns. Of course, then you must deploy them within your digital marketing strategy.

So, what has been popular this year? Well, with this in mine we had a chat with Edinburgh’s best SEO agency and here’s what they had to say!


Google’s mission is to provide the most relevant and engaging content to its users. It generates results based on what it gauges to be the user’s search intent. Not only that, the search engine giant strives to enlist only those websites that it deems safe for its users.

The outcome is that Google and other search engines will appraise the degree of relevancy of the content present on your website. It uses programs such as Latent Semantic Indexing to verify the relevance of such content. How does this work? Google studies billions of web pages to understand which words and phrases are related or similar in a certain context.

Through this analysis, Google decides if a content item is suitable to present to a user as part of his web browsing experience. It goes a step further with tools such as RankBrain as it evaluates the highest performing search results based on browser satisfaction success indicators and compares their likeness.

Identify the pages that do the best in your area of operation and see what makes them stand out. Check their content and try to feature something similar on your own digital platform.

Voice Search

The phenomena known as voice enabled search will only continue to gain momentum in the year 2018. It is simply convenient to speak rather than make the effort to spell out specific search terms. With improvements in voice search programs, web users are believing in its ability more than before.

They are learning to trust its results and getting more comfortable with it as well. This allows search queries to be more comprehensive in nature. For your business, the implications are tremendous. You must give your content more consideration than simple keywords. Remember that the spoken term is different than the written or typed one.

So, mould your search engine optimization strategy to account for conversational phrases and words. Tools such as RankTracker can help you research queries that voice users will be more likely to seek. This program could be your new best friend!

Link-free backlinks

If you are wondering what link free backlinks even mean, allow us to explain. Backlinks have been the livelihood of search engine optimisation for countless years. However, Google felt that the linkages of one source to another had been exploited and did not prove the authenticity of a website.

To address this, Google devised the Penguin algorithm in the year 2012. It has become the most popular and relevant source to generate links from well-known, sound digital sources. Sure, links from leading sites will help your website rank better on search engine result pages, yet the newer, smarter robots from Google are gradually decreasing the importance placed on backlinks.

As search engines get smarter, they are able to relate brands, establishments, companies and entities without the need to crawl through their websites. It is going to the linked anchor text that is going to bear some power. So, focus your efforts on developing strong and pertinent anchor text that entices Google to rank your page effectively on its search engine result pages.

Mobile All the Way

Smartphone usage has only increased over the years. The ratio of web browsing from desktops to mobile phones is slowly shifting in favour of the latter. It has become a technological norm to design mobile friendly websites, unlike the earlier added benefit of having one as a budget luxury.

The mobile friendliness of a website has become a top search engine ranking factor. With the launch of new smartphones every season, you will have to consider different ways your SEO can be optimised for voice enabled search as well as the new mobile designs that come out.

You can get Google’s help to learn whether your website is mobile-responsive or not. Go to Website Auditor, under the Content Analysis section, and enter the website address of the website in question. To check page usability, you will have to go down to the technical section and see the results from there.

Personal Search Engine Result Pages

There is a reason that Google’s search engine capability is simply getting smarter: it is gathering information on its user by checking browser history, interests and geographical position to create a customised search outcome list. Your search engine optimisation strategy will have to factor this in and account for it. if your page performs well in search query, not only will it gain stronger rankings, but it will become part of future similar search query results as well.

Before you stress and wonder what to do as your degree of control on this is limited, let us help you out! Coming back to our favorite tool (hint, it was mentioned earlier), RankTracker, to evaluate the accuracy level of your website. RankTracker will check your site’s position in a non-personal manner. Make sure you set your browser  in Incognito/Private mode to gain maximum results.

Webpage Speed

People are impatient and desire speed and convenience at every possible corner in their lives. If your website doesn’t load quickly, the probability of your user leaving is going ot be high. It should be less than 3 seconds ideally. 

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