Write For Us

s1 683x1024 - Write For UsHello there! Thanks for showing an interest in becoming a writer for The AWSC. We could certainly use more talented people in our team. As you may know, we are aiming to build a resource blog that people of varying learning abilities can utilize regarding how they can take advantage of the net for their marketing and advertising.

We need people who are able to make use of their words to property convey the message without coming off as a lecture or being too preachy. We need the people who have the clever and quixotic mix of humor and wisdom. If you think you would like to join our writing team, please ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have extensive knowledge about Marketing and Advertising?

We believe that our readers would be better served by actual hands-on knowledge of those that have a strong understanding of marketing, social media management, and others.

Are you self-motivated, driven, and able to work with very little supervision?

Most of our writers work remotely. This means that their time is their own. We need people who are able to handle their work with very little input.

Do you value originality and carry a healthy work ethic?

Writing has always been a challenge. You need to brainstorm and check to see if you did not inadvertently build something that is highly similar to another’s work. We need people who will be able to submit 100% original articles.

If you believe that you would be a good fit for us, please let us know.